Honour Roll: January, 2009

Darbanville retakes her position atop the activity leaders as the rivalry continues between her and jeff_lindqvist. There has been a general increase in our top performers' activity with first place this month 3000 points higher than first for December. Skyblueteapot rocketed to 3rd place. Rollo_the_cat and mir came from nowhere to 5th and 6th place. And yumipie doubles her output. Cakypa remains solid in the top five, perhaps to join the horserace for top spot.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, February is a month of looking forward to the first signs of spring and staying warm inside with our loved ones. Perhaps the need for warmth in the middle of winter was the origin of Saint Valentine's Day :). Whether we are inside next to a warm fire, outside skiing, or enjoying a warm beach in Australia or South Africa, let's remember to keep LingQing and getting closer to our goal of becoming international citizens!

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