Honour Roll for September 2012

Did you make lots of progress with your languages this past month? We hope you all had a very productive month and we hope you have also been enjoying the new features that came with our release of LingQ 2.0 last month!

Every month, we highlight the top 25 LingQers based on their Activity Score at the end of the month, and these 25 make up the Honour Roll. Over the past month, many of you have been very busy creating and review LingQs, studying new lessons and increasing your Known Words totals.

The race between first and second place this month was close, but long-time King of LingQ kcb has managed to snag the crown again. In a surprise second is vajaga who made it from outside the top 25 into 2nd place in a single month — way to go! Third place this month goes to none other that LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann, who was busy in preparation for his trip to the Czech Republic, where he had a chance to meet up with several LingQers.

Without further ado, here is the top 25 for the month of September!


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