Honour Roll for September 2011

For the second month in a row, user wandersonp sits atop the leaderboard with a mindboggling Activity Score of 17,628 for the month of September! In second place is scales01, who crushed the rest of the competition but was bested by wandersonp. Third goes to no other than skyblueteapot, who is no stranger to the Honour Roll, who moved her way up from 12th position to grab the third place spot this month. Well done to the three of you and to everyone who made it on this month’s Honour Roll!

The Activity Score is a great way to gauge your progress in a language. Spend some more time this month creating LingQs, having conversations with tutors and submitting writing for correction and you will be sure to notice an improvement in your abilities! Work hard enough and it may be *you* on next month’s Honour Roll!


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