Honour Roll for October 2011

We knew the LingQer of the Month was a prestigious honour but we didn’t realize what people would do to win it…! It appears scales01 has developed a LingQbot (LingQ creating robot) and managed to achieve a mind-blowing Activity Score of over 100,000! How else is it possible to create a LingQ every 30 seconds for 31 days straight, and learn them all too…? After all that input overload, the LingQbot’s English must be awesome! 😉

Unfortunately, there is a little known clause in the LingQer of the Month rules which states that to win you must be…human. Therefore, until we get proof to the contrary, we will also honour alester237 as co-LingQer of the Month. Honourable mention goes to kcb who was a very close runner up. Both these members easily passed the 10,000 mark. Congratulations to all of you on the Honour Roll this month!

If you’ve never been on the Honour Roll, why not make a real push this month?! No tricks though…we are ever vigilant…!


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