Honour Roll for October 2010

The Honour Roll for this month is flooded with users from all over the world!

At the top of the list is hape, who achieved this rank due to an import error, but since the error is on our end we chose not to disqualify him from the list. Following behind, and quite a ways ahead of his competitors, is mikola. In third place by a somewhat narrow margin is thomas_dc.

Congratulations to our top 25 LingQers of the month!



2 Replies to “Honour Roll for October 2010”

  1. I am very sorry that I did some Chinese vocab uploads that resulted in such a high activity index. My realistic index is about 2800, so I am on rank 8, and mikola and thomas_dc are on rank 1 and 2. @alex Is it not possible to change it this way?

  2. hape, we never did say that imported LingQs didn’t count towards your AI, so you technically still did "win" (even if there is no prize…yet!)We’ll make sure that this issue is resolved, but for now you’re still the undisputed leader 🙂 Things should even themselves out next month, so don’t fret too much over this.

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