Honour Roll for March 2013

If learning a language is hard work, then those in our Honour Roll must have really been working overtime last month! Below you will find the top 25 LingQ members based on Activity Score.

Getting to the top of the Honour Roll is a major accomplishment. Our first place finisher this month, testeman, would have had to create around 650 LingQs every single day for the whole month of March! Second place finisher skyblueteapot would have had to create 625 LingQs each day, and third place finisher pascal30 would have had to create 400 LingQs each day.

Everyone in the Honour Roll works hard to be there, but they also make great progress with their languages! We encourage you to try increasing your Activity Score this month to see if you can make it on the Honour Roll next month!


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