Honour Roll for March 2012

Each month, 25 LingQ members with the highest Activity Score are featured on the LingQ Honour Roll. The Activity Score is a calculation of your activities on LingQ, and while it doesn’t take into account all of the hours you spend learning a language, it is a good indicator of how much progress you can expect to make.

This month was a close race, with the top two finishers being within a hundred points of each other. Nonetheless, only one user can earn the illustrious gold crown! This month our top finisher is CHR, who managed to put up an Activity Score of 11,251. In second place is rae68, who followed closely behind with a score of 11,184. In third, and less than 100 points ahead of the next contender, is Imyirtseshem.

Well done to the top three and to everyone on this month’s Honour Roll!

As we move into April, let’s all make an effort to beat our scores from last month!




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