Honour Roll for June 2011

Every month we recognize the top 25 most active LingQ members based on the Activity Score. This month we had an exceptional performance by several LingQ members who showed that it’s possible to learn a language even when the sun is out!

This past month we saw skyblueteapot soar to the top of the list, putting up a spectacular Activity Score of almost 11,000! In second place is contextkid, who also finished the month with an impressive Activity Score of 9,466. Matt92 closed out the third spot, landing himself with an Activity Score of 8844. Great job to the three of you and all others who made it on the Honour Roll for June.

Keeping your Activity Score high is a great way to know that you’re improving, even if you may not feel like it. Aim to increase your activity score over the next 30 days. Who knows, you may be in the top 25 next month!


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