Honour Roll for January 2013

January was a very active month for a lot of LingQers, many of whom are looking to continue their learning pursuits in this new year.

The competition was tough, but there can only be one winner! January’s “King of LingQ” is AnthonyLauder, who ended the month with an outstanding activity score of 35,147! Second and third place were a bit closer, but in the end tonylorenzo edged out the rest of the competitors and finished in second place. In third place, easily surpassing the elusive 10,000 milestone, is skyblueteapot.

How about you? How did you do this past month? Do you want to see your name on next month’s Honour Roll? Be sure to finish this month out by saving and reviewing lots of LingQs, and don’t forget to have conversations with tutors and submit your writings for correction!


Here is your top 25 for January:


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