Honour Roll for February 2013

February was a short month, but that didn’t hold back anyone on the Honour Roll! Well done everyone who made it on the Honour Roll and everyone else who achieved their Activity Score goals this past month.

Moving back to the top of the pack is skyblueteapot, who finished the month with a score of 12,091. pascal30 created a bit of competition and ended up second with a score of 10,746. Third place this month goes to czwelker, who fended off fourth and fifth place finishers to secure a spot in the top three.

The Activity Score is a great indicator of your progress in a language. The higher your score, the faster you’ll learn. Set an Activity Score goal this month and work hard each day to achieve it. You won’t regret it!


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  1. Dear Steve,In your Newsletter announcing this post, you have written:> Lithuania: On a recent trip through Eastern Europe, Mark had a chance to meet up > with Gintaras, a long time member from Lithuania.But Lithuania in NOT in Eastern Europe, the geographical centre of Europe is situated in this country (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographical_midpoint_of_Europe) so the Eastern Europe begins beyond Lithuania’s Eastern border. Culturally Lithuania also belongs (and belonged since the beginning of the 14th century) to Western, Latin, Catholic-Protestant Europe, not to the Eastern, Byzantine, Orthodox Europe. Well one can argue that there are elements of both Eastern and Western cultures in Lithuania (like they are present in the whole belt from Finland through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Western Belarus and Ukraine, Eastern Poland and Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Albania). Yes, that’s why these areas are correctly called "Central Europe". It is only the 52 years of Soviet domination (1939-1991), possible thanks to the collaboration of Roosevelt and Churchill, has made the World think about us as "Eastern Europe", which we don’t like and we prefer that at least the Americans started seeing the reality.Apart from that all is good, Greetings

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