Honour Roll for April 2011

Every month we recognize the top 25 most active members on LingQ in the Honour Roll. These members are the ones who have spent the most time creating and reviewing LingQs, submitting writings, having conversations with tutors — all tasks that are crucial in becoming more proficient in a language.

This month, the leader is exdigita, who has made an appearance several times before on the Honour Roll. His excellent activity score this month means that his avatar now displays the gold crown — he is the “King of LingQ”. Second place goes to jolanda, who has been working hard on several languages this month (including Spanish, English and Italian). In third is zkaplanova, the activity leader for Russian this month. Great work, guys!

Congratulations to everyone who made it into the Honour Roll this month! Make it your goal to appear in the top in next month’s Honour Roll!


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