Honour Roll: February, 2010

There has been a lot of jostling at the top of the Honour Roll. Scores in general are high again with Cakypa  and arenas coming out of nowhere to take 6th and 3rd place. LingQ would also like to welcome YutakaM, elizwa, and adalbertolito to the top ten. Overshadowing all this is the amazing performace of Inchaur with a February activity index of 12,327 points. This is the record and the first time anyone has broken 10,000. Keep it up, inchaur!

The world is a challenging place these days. We are debating the extent to which humans affect the changing global climate. There have been some serious earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and now Taiwan.  It is at this time that cooperation is needed the most. At LingQ, we are doing our part by helping people create valuable international relationships through language. If we LingQ for our personal future, perhaps we can also help our community and the world become a better place.


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