Honour Roll: December 2009



Big changes in the Honour Roll top ten this week. Average points per learner are up. New faces include adalbertolito, elizwa, Learner25, and Sun_City. Dilemme, a former Honour Roll champion is back in the top ten. And the rock solid Steve, YutakaM, and jeff_lindqvist hold their ground.

LingQ would like to make a special mention of our number one this week, Ejlife, who represents a group of students and their teacher. We encourage all teachers to make use of LingQ in any way that fits their needs. However the Honour Roll, as an individual award, goes this week to Maitee. Congratulations!

This is the season for making New Year’s resolutions. At the beginning of the calendar year, everyone feels ready to improve their personal situation, whether it be getting into better physical shape, doing better financially, or improving their minds. LingQ definitely will improve your mind. And in today’s global economy, it will probably help you get a better job too. And if you listen to your LingQ podcasts while you exercise, who knows, it might help you get fit! Happy New Year everyone! Keep LingQing!

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