Honour Roll: December, 2008

Darbanville finally bows out of first place! Darbanville ended a record 6 months at the top of the activity leaders. She peaked at about 16000 points in August. We look forward to seeing her back at the top in the near future. Jimmymiami came from nowhere to take 3rd place with about 3600 points. Nice! VeraI is also back into the top 10 after some absence. Alleray has moved up nicely. And last but certainly not least, Jeff_lindqvist has taken consistency to new heights as he finally hits #1 after several top 5 finishes.

This is the season for making New Year's resolutions. At the beginning of the calendar year, everyone feels ready to improve their personal situation, whether it be getting into better physical shape, doing better financially, or improving their minds. LingQ definitely will improve your mind. And in today's global economy, it will probably help you get a better job too. And if you listen to your LingQ podcasts while you exercise, who knows, it might help you get fit! Happy New Year everyone! Keep LingQing!

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