Honour Roll: August, 2009

Learners from Asia make up a lot of the new top ten entries in the August Honour Roll.  Dilemme, the new power user at LingQ, keeps his number one position. Ejlife takes second. Steve, the lone Canadian, powers into third place. Ymoteki comes from nowhere to take fourth. And Cantotango takes up residence in the top five. Thanks again to jeff_lindqvist and all the rest of the LingQ Honour Roll regulars for rounding out the top ten.

Back in the saddle is the theme for September. We are getting into a new school year. Let’s use the memories of back-to-school to get back-to-LingQ. One challenge I present is to think of ways that you can use your LingQ account to study your regular college courses, or if you are working, to handle technical documents that may require attention to detail.   Let’s all enjoy the fall back-to-LingQ energy!

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