Give Roses and Points!

If you visit someone’s profile page now, you may notice two new buttons beneath their Avatar:



Did you have a great conversation with a tutor and want to say thank you? Did your writing correction report knock your socks off? Are you enjoying a new collection of lessons from the Library? 

From today, you can start rewarding fellow LingQ members with roses or points!

To give someone a rose, go to their profile page and click the “Give Rose” button. Then, on the popup that appears, enter a note if you like and click “Confirm”. If you write a message, it will automatically be posted on their wall along with a rose icon.






To give someone points, simply click the “Gift Points” button. In the popup, you can select an amount you would like to give (100 is the default) and add an optional note. The note will be included in the notification email, but will not be posted on their wall.




Start giving roses and points today!

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