Describe your family, your job and where you live.


Describe your family, your job and where you live.




My name is Anne-Marie. Today, I am going to talk to you about my family, my job and the area I am living in. Let’s first talk about my family. I have lived alone for the past twelve years. Actually, I am not totaly right by saying that, because I am living with my dog. Her name is Croquette. She is a pale Labrador and is about three and a half years old. My parents and brother are living close to Montreal city, which is in the province of Quebec, in Canada. My mother is a teacher. She owns a learning center and helps students who are experiencing academic difficulties. My father used to work as a human resources director, but he has been retired for a few years. On the flip side, my brother, who is not retired, is a landscaper.


Let’s talk about my job. I have been a guidance counselor for about fifteen years now. I have worked at different places: a community organization helping young people to find out what kind of job they would like to do, a college and a high school. Unfortunately, I am now unemployed and have been for the past seven months. I am currently looking for a new job, and I hope I will find one soon.


I am living in a small city called Thetford Mines. There are about twenty-five thousands people living here. The city got its name, because it used to have a lot of mining industries here, which is not the case anymore. I have been living in this city for about two and a half years now. Before that, I was living in Chisasibi, which is located in James Bay, Quebec, where I worked with the natives.

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