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We are pleased to launch a major new upgrade to the Lesson page.

You’ll immediately notice a new tabbed window on the right side of the lesson page. The Tasks tab shows the Task List, of course.

This is a better way to access your tasks.

In the next tab, the feature that we’re most proud of is our new Quick LingQ which reloads the page and shows all of your blue words in a list or Quick LingQ View. This view allows you to more efficiently create LingQs and/or make words Known. Of course, you can still click the I Know All button at any time to make all remaining words Known. You will notice that when you are looking at the Quick LingQ list the text of the lesson does not have any highlighting. You are therefore able to copy and paste from the text while using Quick LingQ which will make many of you happy we’re sure! Returning to the standard view is as simple as clicking the link on the left of the page.The third tab, Resources, lists notes and comments about the lesson, video tutorials (if available), translations (if available), and script conversions (if available) for the lesson. There is a corresponding place on the edit lesson page in the Advanced Settings area where Youtube videos, translation texts and script conversions can be entered by the content provider or editor. There may not be many resources implemented right away but we will be adding resources once this feature is up and we hope those of you who share content will do the same for your lessons and those of you who are editors will do the same as well. Again, let us know if you would like to be an editor in any language so you can start adding resources.

Clicking on the Share tab will allow you to email the lesson or share it via Facebook or Twitter.

quick lingQ


Text-to-Speech on Flashcards


You will also now notice the addition of text-to-speech on the flashcards. Click on the speaker icon to hear the word pronounced. Enjoy this much requested feature! Unfortunately, this functionality is not yet available for Asian languages.


Import Resources, Friends’ Activities


Finally, we have added a place on the Import page where we will be listing good sites for finding imported content. We will be adding resources to this list over time and we need your help in finding the best sites. Click on the “Suggest a new resource” link to let us know your favourite sites. The idea is to help all members easily access good sites to import content from, to take advantage of the powerful Import feature.


Finally, we have also added paging on the Friends Activities list and we will be adding the same thing to the Blogs list shortly.


Whew! That’s quite a few changes and we haven’t listed all the minor fixes. We think these are some significant improvements but we need to hear from you, of course. Tell us what you think!

15 Replies to “Create LingQs Quickly, Videos, Translations, Text-to-Speech”

  1. I love the new QuickLinks tab. This answers my concern about being able to paste longer strings of text (full expressions, when one of the words is already highlighted). I had a little trouble sharing my lesson, however. When I tried to share a specific lesson, from the share tab, in the lesson, what posted was not the lesson, but just a link to my lessons page, I think. In the past, a nice attractive picture from the lesson posted, as well as the name of the lesson. That seems like better marketing to me, and perhaps this is a bug which you are working on?Is there a way to change which facebook account is being posted to? I use our family computer for a number of facebook accounts. There does not seem to be a way to change which facebook account you are linked to, once you set one linkage up. We used to be able to post to different facebook accounts when using the share utility.I can see the flashcard text to speech icon and am very excited about this! But so far, I can’t seem to make that work.All in all a really useful update, despite what I hope are just bug reports.

  2. In the new upgrade I have clicked on the ‘Read’ arrow and the number of words I have read in the lesson is displayed as was the case before the upgrade. But then when I click on the ‘Listened’ arrow, the number of minutes I have listened is displayed, but the number of words I have read goes back to zero. Any advice?

  3. Hi Steve. Hope you liked Europe. As to the improvements:- since I started using LIngQ for my Portuguese, I was a little bit irritated about the sluggishness of the pages. When I navigate with the cursor over the page the responsiveness of everything is terribly slow, which hampers the reading. Adding a new tabbed window (also reacting very slow) does add some options which are actually already there but interferes negatively with the reading interface.The main goal -in my view- is to read, listen and gather LingQ’s: to do so you need a good readable text, clearly shown and not obstructed by anything else which does not directly benefit the process of reading, listening and gathering words. Typography is important as well as the size of the text. The line width should be normal ( I have had many texts with gigantic spaces between lines and paragraphs.)Generally the sound quality is good; in some cases not too well, but it works. Gathering the LingQ’s works, although it ‘s like I said rather sluggish. I can live with this but…I would rather improve this than adding sharing options for instance. Why sharing? I’m learning. A quite private reading and listening activity!Please try to find out how to neatly organize the text presented and how to deal with the sluggishness of the pages. (Are there no more comments on this?)- The new text-to-speech option at the flashcards is -in case of Portuguese- absolutely inadequate. I live in Brazil and I hear Brazilian all day: the sounds reproduced by the used TTS technology is uttering unintelligible sounds. I know from experience that TTS technology is producing synthetic, robotic sounds in general. But in all the cases I used it with students it was acceptable as long as it wasn’t used to produce long texts. In the case of Portuguese it’s however not acceptable at all. You should really try it out!But, I do like the LingQ system, the idea. I would however like a overhaul of the interface and a good implementation of the technology. I think some money has to be spent to keep LingQ on the road…or better: in the clouds.Groetjes, regards, abraços,Willem

  4. Willem,Are you sure it doesn’t have something to do with the speed of your internet connection? We’ve made the site quite a bit faster over the past couple of weeks and have had no other complaints from members about the speed since then. We will continue to work on the overall speed over the next week or so.Many members like the social aspect of our site, and many are interested in sharing lessons with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Also, it’s a great way to get the word out about LingQ. So far the reaction to the sharing features has been quite positive, and while there are still some things to iron out we think it’s been worthwhile.TTS was a very popular request – one that we’ve been getting for months and months. I agree about the sound quality, and asked one of our developers the same thing. He said that TTS uses an extremely complicated algorithm to try and replicate the human voice, but anticipates it will be at least another 5 to 10 years before it is satisfactory in most languages. However, since it had such high demand we figured we would implement it and at least provide the option for our users. As we use Google’s TTS platform, all our updates in that respect will take place whenever Google issues an update.Rest assured that we are working hard every day to try and improve the site, optimize the features and enhance the usability.Thanks for your comment 🙂

  5. Willem, unfortunately, we can’t control how texts are uploaded sometimes on the site since much of our content is shared by other members. If you tell us which lesson it is that is displaying strangely in your screenshot, we can take a look at it and try to figure out why that is.

  6. Alexander,I don’t think the speed is the issue here. I admit that I had faster internet in the Netherlands, but, even here in São Paulo with a smaller bandwidth I can play YouTube videos generally without problems. All other tools I use are doing acceptably well. What bothers me actually is the automatic pop up of options on a simple mouse-over. I all the time get unwanted, sluggish popups when I move my mouse over the page, following my reading.And, for instance, the LingQ popup window where you can put a New Hint etc..they often -not always- appear very slow and sometimes react not quickly or adequately on my mouse clicks. (And believe me: I’m doing nothing wrong, I have a normal Win7 system and a normal uptodate computer and generally no problems with navigating the web…)I agree with you that being able to share lessons is a good and improving option, for many. I just would have liked the new window Not to interfere with the reading area where the core activities of LingQ take place.As to the TTS. There are better examples to be found on the web everywhere, even with Portuguese. Have a look here for instance: They are there already providing these voices for quite some years. The technology is there.I use synthesized voices quite a lot if I have no access to real voices and I wouldn’t compare my scansoft Raquel voice from TextAloud with the complete unintelligible sounds I get at my LingQ flashcards.I told you I love the LingQ method but, I expect a bit more quality when I pay for this. There is a cutthroat competition going on in the angelic clouds and I really think you have to bear this in mind and spend some time and money to sort these problems out.Kind regards,Willem

  7. Hi Mark,I’m just not feeling comfortable to give you names. I know the person and I appreciate him. I think you’ll have to prevent this kind of things which means some more programming or a clear step by step vídeo to show how to upload a text. Or, a person to administer all uploaded texts. The latter however seems a bit archaic in the light of all the options we have.Don’t by the way underestimate the layout of reading material. I’m a teacher and a graphic designer and I read quite a lot about typography and learning and I can promise you: it is an issue. Nicely, clearly written short chunks of text are improving readability and ‘learnability’ considerably. Since this is the core business of LingQ, I would give it some attention.Kind regards,Willem

  8. Willem, thanks for taking the time to comment. If you do not like the pop ups I suggest you use the new QuickLingQ feature where there are no popups and no highlighting. That is one of the purposes of this new feature.You can save any words you want from the QuickLingQ list, and then click on "I know all" and then close this box. If you want to see the yellow words, which I and many others find helpful, you revert to the normal view, but if you prefer the clean view, as others do, just stay with that view.We are using google because it is available for all languages. We are confident that it will improve. It is an additional help which many users appreciate, but you may well want to look at better TTS system that better serve your needs. We cannot do everything better than everybody else. We provide an integrated system and community. Most of our users also refer to other resources.Thanks for your support of LingQ and I appreciate people who point out things they do not like, as this helps us to improve.

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