Compete Rank Sucks

For the past three or four months I’ve been paying attention to the Techvibes – Vancouver Startup Index. This is an index of the top ranked startups in the Vancouver area based on an average of two rankings – Alexa and Compete. For a few months, our Alexa rank has been steadily dropping (which is good!) and our Compete ranking was n/a, which was good since it then didn’t affect our overall ranking. Unfortunately, last month as we approached the the top 15 sites in Alexa score (around 50,000) in Vancouver we all of a sudden found we had a Compete rank of 300 odd thousand which, of course, destroyed our ranking in the Techvibes index, which averages the two rankings.


I gave Compete the benefit of the doubt since it was our first month with a ranking there and waited until this month’s ranking to come out which I was sure would be an improvement. Surprise, surprise, we now have a Compete rank of 590,555. I’m not sure if there are many worse ranked sites out there but according to them we get 1,995 people a month to our site. That is accurate if it shows a daily total but, unfortunately, I believe this is meant to represent a monthly total. This information is worse than useless! It is completely misleading.


I guess it isn’t worth getting bent out of shape over a free ranking service but I must say I am regularly peppered by emails asking me to upgrade to Compete Pro. All I can say is that if their ranking is anything to go by, I want nothing to do with Compete Pro. They have absolutely no idea what is going on with our site and, by extension, the internet.


I also have to wonder at Techvibes using Compete’s ranking in their own calculations… what value does the Startup Index really have? The reality is that I should just take it for what it is, which is probably a fun attempt at ranking startups…even still, that goddamn Compete!

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