Change in Beta Languages

We have decided to change our policy with regard to Beta languages, after much discussion. Here are the main points.

Even though Cantonese won on our recent poll at Facebook, we regret that we will not be able to add Cantonese. Our present text splitter only works for simplified characters. After much research on the web, and in Japan and Hong Kong, we have found that to enable Cantonese, we would have to buy a new splitter for traditional characters, with no guarantee that it will work properly with LingQ. It could require a fair amount of work for our programmer. We are not prepared to do this at this time. We have more important work that we want to do, improvement that will benefit the majority of LingQ users.

The language that came second to Cantonese on the last poll is Hebrew, and it will be added.

We have noticed that only a small number of learners actually study Beta languages, and the number is dwindling for each Beta language added. In future, we have decided to only add a Beta language if 1,000 votes are registered on our Facebook poll in favour of that language. We are resetting the Facebook poll to zero and encourage you to vote again for the language of your choice. As soon as we have 1,000 votes for a language, that language will be added.

On the positive side, we have some exciting developments in the plans that we are sure all of you will enjoy. We regret this change but have found that the Beta languages are a distraction from our main goal, which is to continue to improve the learner experience for the languages that most people are studying.

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  1. Sorry about that, roxanabravo! We searched hard for a way, but in the end we had to let it go. However, if we do find a way in the future we would love to add Cantonese on LingQ 🙂

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