Provider Awards for May 2014

The LingQ Library wouldn’t be one of the best foreign language libraries on the web without our great contributors. They are not only learning themselves but also helping others learn languages through a variety of lessons on all sorts of different topics. As you know, each month we collect the expired points on LingQ and give them out to all the content providers through the Provider Awards. You can also thank the providers by giving them a rose and sharing the lessons that you like.

If you want to import and share your lessons, you can learn more on the Import Help page. Don’t forget about permission to use and share your content!

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to make our library even better! Here are the top 25 providers for May 2014:

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New Summer – New Lessons on LingQ!

The summer is here with new inspiration for our language studies! Our summer formula is pretty simple: happy and enjoyable learning = sun + smile + interesting content. If you are missing the last component, please check out our new lessons added to the site over the last month. Pick something of interest in your language and enjoy your summer LingQing!


Let’s learn Arabic
This podcast is especially designed to help my non-Arab students develop their Arabic Language skills.
Lessons in Course: 17, New This Month: 17
News in Arabic – AlJazeera
الأخبار باللغة العربية
Lessons in Course: 2, New This Month: 2
Stories – قصص
(No description)
Lessons in Course: 1, New This Month: 1
عناوين الأخبار
عناوين الأخبار باللغة العربية
Lessons in Course: 3, New This Month: 3
ملفات محيّرة
قضايا وملفات محيّرة
Lessons in Course: 1, New This Month: 1


Slow Chinese from
These text and audio for these lessons was obtained from A new lesson is published on this site almost every week. In the LingQ version I have included a Pinyin transcription of the text. If you enjoy the lessons, you could visit the website and make a small donation.
Lessons in Course: 2, New This Month: 2

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Check Out the New Language Lessons at LingQ!

Interesting content is king for those who learn languages. Everyone at LingQ today can choose from a variety of lessons from simple dialogues to works of literature. Politics, culture, entertainment, daily life… The list of topics could be endless. Check out the new language lessons in our library and pick something interesting in your target language!


A game of thrones
(No description)
Lessons in Course: 2, New This Month: 2
You can find Grammar rules in my collections ‘Step by Step’ and ‘English Grammar and Vocabulary’ but not in this collection. In this collection you will be able to brush up your Grammar skills as it contains examples, and patterns of use of the most important rules and structures. Most of the lessons are prepared by the language teacher from St. Petersburg Evgueny40, and checked and recorded by native English speakers
Lessons in Course: 8, New This Month: 3
This collection consists of conversations that Evgueny40 from St Petersburg has had with English and German native speakers from different countries where these languages are native. You can listen to and compare different accents and different lifestiles. I believe that after listening to these conversations we will get to know each other better and enjoy studying these languages together.
Lessons in Course: 80, New This Month: 1
Dan Gilbert 2004 – Synthetic Happiness
(No description)
Lessons in Course: 1, New This Month: 1
In this collection my native speakers and I discuss and explain some difficult problems of English Grammar and word usage. Grammar isn’t the main goal in language studying. But without some basic grammar you can’t make up your phrases in English correctly and consequently you can’t express yourself properly. That’s why I hope this collection will be interesting and useful for all English learners.
Lessons in Course: 43, New This Month: 1
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Provider Awards for April 2014

Thanks to our wonderful providers who took the time to contribute lessons to our library and help others learn languages. If you like a lesson, don’t forget to give it a “rose” as a way to thank the provider for the great content they have shared!

Each month, we collect the expired points on LingQ and redistribute them to all the content providers in the form of Provider Awards.

If you are interested in importing and sharing lessons, you can learn more on the Import Help page. If you have interesting content (and a permission to use it, of course!), feel free to share it with others at LingQ. Maybe, your lessons will become a turning point in somebody’s language journey.

Here are the top 25 providers for April 2014.

Provider Award May 2014

The 90-Day Challenge: A Look Back

finished avatar (500x241)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 90-Day Challenge!

From January 15 to April 15, many of us have been working hard on our languages, sacrificing other activities, maybe even sleeping less… but it was worth it!

Congratulations to all our participants, both those who have met all the targets (and have earned a nice graduation cap for their Avatar), and those who didn’t quite make it but still hopefully had a wonderful time with their languages! Thanks to all of you who participated in this 3-month adventure. Although the 90-Day Challenge is over, our language learning journeys continue. Good luck!


2,648 Participants

6,906,997 Known Words

2,067,537 LingQs

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Final Week of Our 90-Day Language Challenge

Just 7 days left before our language challenge officially ends! Now is the time to push through to the end and get those targets met. Don’t forget! To see your targets, go to your Progress Snapshot and change the period to 90-Day Challenge. Make sure to record any activities you haven’t yet recorded. We’ve got a nice souvenir ready for your avatar but you have to earn it! If you’ve already met your targets, don’t stop now! Keep up the great work. We’ll see you at the finish line!

targets progress_edited-1


Thanks to all of you who have shared your favorite words in target languages. By sharing words and explaining the meaning, you can even help yourself remember these words better 🙂 Here are a few examples from the list of our LingQers’ favourite words.

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Language Lessons for All: Provider Awards for March 2014

Interesting content is key to successful language learning. Thankfully, LingQ has lots of interesting language lessons to help keep you engaged!

While some lessons on LingQ are provided by us, most of the lessons come from our content providers. To say thanks, each month we collect the expired points on LingQ and redistribute them to the LingQ members who have taken the time and efforts to contribute lessons to LingQ.

If you are interested in importing and sharing lessons, you can learn more on the Import Help page. Do you have some lessons that might be of interest to other learners? If you’ve got permission to share them, feel free to upload your lessons to LingQ!

Here are the top 25 providers for March 2014:

language lessons providers

The 90-Day Challenge: Only Two Weeks Left!

Spring is in full swing in much of the world, which means we are nearing the end of our 90-Day Challenge.

Take advantage of the remaining two weeks for one last big push! Redouble your efforts in the home stretch. Fill in all the gaps in your progress snapshot to complete the Challenge and make your Avatar happy!

2 weeks left challenge


We know you’ve all been working hard over the last eleven weeks. Undoubtedly you’ve come across lots of new words and have learned quite a few in the process! So, what’s your favourite word in your target language?

Share your favourite word (or words) along with what it means on our 90-Day Challenge page!

favorite words


Feel like you’re not making any progress? Don’t worry! Learning a language takes a long time.

“There are no shortcuts in language learning. You just have to stay the course – despite the many distractions,” says Steve.


“What would you advise someone who is not interested in language learning, but kind of would like to learn another language?”

They should find things of interest in the language, things they like to do, and just do those. They should avoid doing things that they don’t enjoy doing. That way they will spend the time and learn.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge.


Thanks to all the participants who share their stories, experiences and energy of inspiration. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!


Yotsuba: “I love a lot of things about the Challenge. In particular, though, it comes down to two things: the community and the content. I receive so much support from native speakers who, even when my writing/speaking has numerous mistakes, never make me feel I should give up. Yet, equally important for me is the content I use for my studies. I’m balancing beginner material with higher level material. So, I enjoy audiobooks, importing my own interests in literature/art and also conversations at natural speed. I feel it reinforces why I have taken on the language. That is a simple enthusiasm to understand and appreciate Italian art and culture in its native language. In no way do I find it dull or a chore. Equally I don’t see it as a ‘job’ I have to do every day. Yet I do it every day in the same way that I read, write and speak in English every day. It’s just a natural activity. The hardest thing is vocabulary. I really find it hard to do the cards and prefer to revisit texts numerous times instead. Yet I worry that I still only have a limited vocabulary. I just wish I enjoyed doing the SRS system. Nonetheless, if I there is just one single thing that I take from this challenge, for me it isn’t a superficial competition but rather a genuine immersion in the language”.

New Language Lessons at LingQ

One of the secrets of successful language learning is finding content which seems interesting to you. Take a look at the new language lessons added to our library in March. Choose something of interest in your language and try it out.


(No description)
Lessons in Course: 1, New This Month: 1


Základní číslovky 1-20
cardinal numbers
Lessons in Course: 1, New This Month: 1


RTV Rijnmond met VIDEO
RTV Rijnmond heeft hun vriendelijke toestemming gegeven om de videos van hun youtube channel te delen op LingQ. RTV Rijnmond is de regionale publieke omroep voor het gebied Zuid-Holland-Zuid. en
Lessons in Course: 64, New This Month: 3

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Week 11 of the Language Challenge. We are Almost There!

The tenth week is now behind us. It’s been a long journey, but we are almost at the finish line! After ten weeks of steady effort, how do you feel with your target language? More confident? Surprised at your improvements? Still frustrated? The good news is that the journey doesn’t end with our Language Challenge. The habits and skills you’ve developed over the last 70 days will help you progress even further long after the Challenge has finished. But until then, check your Progress Snapshot to see which targets you need to focus on over the remaining 3 weeks!


Just like Steve, Jessica Lombardo is doing the 90-Day Challenge for Korean, and is consistently exceeding her learning targets at LingQ week after week. Great job!

Take a look at Jessica’s 2-minute monologue in Korean:

Do you feel confident enough to share your Challenge experience? Post a link to your video on the Challenge page or on our Facebook page. We look forward to watching how you are doing your 90-Day Challenge!


Imagine doing the 90-Day Challenge for three languages and getting married. That’s just what Martin (domorodec) from the Czech Republic did! Apparently he didn’t feel challenged enough…!

Congratulations, Martin! True love is a great motivation for language learning! 🙂



Not every day is exciting in language learning. Some days are drudgery. You don’t feel like doing much. On such days, just do a little. Finish a lesson. Do a simple task, or a few. Every little bit counts. If you do that, you will feel good about yourself, and be even more motivated the next day, when you have more energy.

Get more tips from LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann as he vlogs about his 90-Day Korean Challenge.


Here are the results from last week’s poll. Thanks to all of you who have taken a minute to participate. Creating LingQs and reading interesting content seem to be the most enjoyable part of the Challenge.

poll the most enjoyable part


Thanks to all the participants who share their stories, experiences and energy of inspiration. Tell us your story on the 90-Day Challenge page!


Streeling: “I think I have been making as much progress as I can realistically make so far with approximately  1 hour a day. As I was at an intermediate stage with Spanish reading before I started the 90-Day Challenge, I did not expect a ‘great leap forward’ but am hoping for a bit of deepening and widening, and generally more ease and speed in reading. I am comfortable with reading most texts and am finding that the law of diminishing returns is slowing beginning to kick in. Every hour spent now results in a smaller and smaller level of visible progress. But at the same time I feel content enough with this as I don’t think that I’m going to be faced with that many texts in the future where I have no real clue about the content. I find myself reading in a similar way to the way I read English, e.g. by looking at the page and scanning it faster than I could pronounce the words rather than reading every word like I would do a couple of years ago. 

At some stage in the future I am going to have to do some more serious study of grammar and/or some drills, as there are certain things that I am not completely sure that I’ve fully grasped the correct tenses in a complicated article of something.

The hardest thing for me is reading. I still like to have a computer translation in the background to refer to when I hit a complicated phrase, or to glance over to check I’m not making any big mistakes in understanding. Over the next 6 months I’m hoping to wean myself off this. I’m still reading electronic articles not paper articles and am still reading short texts (2500 words) rather than a novel or book with multiple chapters of discussion. All of these I am looking to move onto in the future.

I have made steady progress in listening. First time round I still don’t understand a lot of authentic content. But I feel fairly comfortable after a couple of listens that I understand everything at speed. I think I do agree with you that listening probably does help in the long run with speaking.

My speaking is poor, though this is because I don’t have a lot of time to practice. I prefer to speak to Spanish speakers face to face rather than through Skype (I prefer to see who I’m talking to and do it over a coffee) and I’m hoping to work on this as the weather gets better with more language exchanges in the summer.  I think 50-100 hours on this and I would make a big leap forward. I think our steady and patient ideas of language learning are the only real way to make real progress in the end”.