Beta Languages Released!

Have you been dying to use LingQ for a language we don’t offer? We are often asked when we are going to add new languages. One of the holdups has always been the need to provide a library of content for each new language. This meant we could only add languages we thought had the potential to generate enough learners to justify the effort. That’s where Beta Languages come in!

What are beta languages?
Beta languages are languages that are available but not fully supported. Users can import content and use LingQ’s functionality including dictionaries, flashcards and cloze tests. Users can also create and share lessons in the Library and offer tutoring (writing correction and conversation) earning points by doing so just like for supported languages. The only difference is that the libraries for Beta languages will be non-existent or limited at the beginning. However, with the dedicated efforts of a few members that can change in a hurry.

This will allow us to add many more languages at LingQ. From now on new languages will be added more quickly. Today we are launching Dutch, Arabic, Czech and Polish! Whenever a Beta language is launched, it will have no lessons, no user hints and no tutors. It will be up to you, the LingQ Community, to make the new language come to life. Once a language becomes popular enough, we will add it to our list of official languages and add full support for it (including language-specific bug fixes, a unique color scheme, a cultural outfit for the Avatar and more).

When will new beta languages be added?
Starting in August, a new Beta language will be added each month. You will decide which language is next.  Vote for your desired language on the Questions tab on our Facebook Page (

Be sure to get your friends to vote for the language you would next like to see on LingQ!

The fine print
Along with the introduction of beta languages, we are making a couple of changes:
1. The Import Bookmarklet will now be available to ALL members, and is no longer reserved for paying members.
2. All Free members will now be limited to 5 all-time imported private lessons. You will still be able to add lessons to be shared, but to import more private lessons you will need to upgrade your account.

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  1. Great news, indeed! Two languages I am interested in, one I will learn one day and an important language I’m not so keen on learning… good start! I hope more and more European languages will be added to make my lifetime goal true!

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