Auding – Let’s teach our kids to listen, as a school subject.

Here is a video on the subject of “auding” or learning to listen better. I think we could reduce the number of classes in school and teach our kids to listen to stories, lectures and learn, instead of being bored in class.

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  1. I’ve found your talk really interesting. The idea of letting the children to decide when and where they want lo listen and learn seems to be very powerful. Do you have any references about it?

  2. Interesting. As a High school teacher i’ve found one of the major problems with students is their listening skills. One has to repeat phrases, sentences, sometimes the whole para. Students do find it difficult to comprehend what they listen.Maybe the reason is, as you rightly said, we don’t teach "Auding". I’d been thinking of taking part of my lesson to start a "How to Study" series. Your idea fits right in: teaching kids how to listen.

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