Asian Languages Now Working, Library Updated

You can now LingQ properly in Japanese and Chinese! We have resolved the longstanding issue with Asian languages and fixed the recent issues caused by our recent update to the site. We hope you enjoy the changes! Let us know of any issues you find. Who knows? Asian languages may have to come out of Beta!

As well, we have made some more changes in the Library. We have removed all filters and search from the main Library page. Now all you see are the different shelves with suggested lessons. You can now also page to the next set of results within a shelf.

All search and filtering will now take place on the search page which you can get to by clicking the Browse the Library link under the page title. We will be adding back the Accent and Level filters shortly.

Finally, the statistics on the Lesson page are now calculating correctly. Known Words should now be working in sync with the Known and I Know All buttons.

As usual tell us how you like the changes and if you encounter any issues.

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