“Add Collection” Button, View Private Collections, Share Private Lessons with Friends

In addition to the features announced yesterday, the most recent update also included some more minor updates (some of which were highly requested):

“Add Collection” Button – You can add the lessons in a collection with one click in the Library on the Collection page or popup by clicking on the “Add Collection” button: 


HTML Editor for Lesson Resources – On the Lesson Import page, you can now format your Notes, Translations, etc. with bolding, underlining, italics and hyperlinks.

View Private Collections – The collection page for private lessons is now accessible and will display your own private lessons. Please note that your private lessons will not appear for other users on this page.

Delete Writing Drafts – You can now delete your writing drafts from the Write page. In addition, we have added a pager on the Write page, so now only 25 writings will show per page.

Share Private Lessons with LingQ Friends – If you would like to share a private lesson on LingQ with your LingQ friends, simply select “Share on LingQ” from the Share option at the bottom of the lesson. Check their username from the list and they will be sent an email with the URL to the lesson:



My Lessons RSS Feed – An RSS feed now appears on the My Lessons page, which allows you to subscribe to your own My Lessons page and automatically download the audio files for all of your active lessons.


Some of these features are sure to make life easier on LingQ! Let us know how you like them all.

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