A LingQ Certificate design



Goran our creative designer has come up with three designs for our certificates. Please vote on the one you like the best. All comments on this idea are welcome.








The idea is that a learner who wants a certificate after a certain period of time at LingQ will have to sign up for a 4 week course, or request his/her tutor to offer a 4 week course.

The lessons for the course can be up to the tutor or at the suggestion of the learner.

The cost of a course is exclusively for the writing correction and online interaction with the tutor. The lessons, (content items) are, in fact, free. We need to make sure that a learner has at least 4 online discussions and 4 writing submissions  in order to enable the tutor to evaluate the learner.

The certificate shows the total cumulative achievements of the learner.

The tutor will evaluate the level of the learner.

The certificate can be emailed by the tutor, or for a handling fee we could print it at our head office and mail it to the learner.

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