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Chinese (Beta)

ChineseLingQ Learn Chinese from theChineseLingQ podcast. Each episode can be studied using the learningtools available at LingQ.com
Contents: 20, updated: 2 CPSources: Podcasts from http://chinesepod.com License: Creative CommonsAttribution 3.0 Unported License. Dialogue audios & textsremixed/created from podcasts.
Contents: 9, updated: 1CSLPod – Elementary 【初】 Core Dialogs from CSLPod.com
Contents: 30, updated: 30MIT’s Learning Chinese MIT OpenCourseWare. Learning Chinese: AFoundation Course in Mandarin, Produced by Julian K. Wheatley. License:Creative Commons BY-NC-SAhttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ Pinyin transcriptand English translation available at course homepage.http://ocw.mit.edu/
Contents: 6, updated: 6                                          


Adieu, Audio Cassette Tapes Recently, the New York Times ran anobituary, but not about a person. The paper said good-bye to an oldfriend: the audio cassette tape. By Ted Landphair 18 August 2008
Contents: 1, updated: 1Agriculture Report (No description)
Contents: 2, updated: 1Alzheimer’s Disease A German doctor discovered the disease in 1907.Back then, it was considered a rare disease. Today, it is known to bemore common.
Contents: 1, updated: 1 American life Culture,religion, politics, history etc.
Contents: 1, updated: 1Are You a Poor Speler? A clever little computer program called aspell-checker is often referred to – especially by poor spellers – asthe greatest thing since sliced bread. By Ted Landphair 16 June 2008
Contents: 1, updated: 1Are You Irritated? Angry? Insulted? It’s amazing and sometimes amusingto watch opinions fly back and forth across the Worldwide Web. By TedLandphair 14 July 2008
Contents: 1, updated: 1 As a ManThinketh by James Allen Allen’s books illustrate the use of the powerof thought to increase personal capabilities. Although he neverachieved great fame or wealth, his works continue to influence peoplearound the world, including the New Thought movement. Allen’s mostfamous book, As a Man Thinketh, was published in 1902. It is nowconsidered a classic self-help book. Its underlying premise is thatnoble thoughts make a noble person, while lowly thoughts make amiserable person. (Summary by Wikipedia) James Allen (1864-1912)
Contents: 8, updated: 8A stay on Crozet Islands Telling you about my stay on Crozet, a littleisland lost in the Antarctic Ocean, where I left a part of myself, is away to get rid of my memories that have haunted me for years. So Idecided to release my ship’s log in which I described day after day mylife there. This story is read by my friend John Budding.
Contents: 2, updated: 2Children’s Collection This is a collection of short stories, songs,etc. that little kids enjoy.
Contents: 1, updated: 1Computers in the Classroom Internet has opened the world to manypeople. Now students can go to any library on earth.
Contents: 1, updated: 1Consistent Parenting Any time you have adults sharing the parentingresponsibility you have to learn to compromise, communicate, and aboveall else, support one another.
Contents: 1, updated: 1 Ed’sBlogs I will speak and import some of my blog entries to thiscollection. They will be about language learning, my family, my school,and whatever comes up. I hope you enjoy it.
Contents: 1, updated: 1Effortless English Podcast (No description)
Contents: 6, updated: 2Emma’s Students Stories This is a collection of English writings fromEmma’s students.
Contents: 20, updated: 4 EnglishLingQ TheEnglishLingQ podcast is produced by The Linguist Institute. The podcastcomes in a variety of formats from more formal lesson type episodes tomore casual everyday conversations.
Contents: 143, updated: 3English Tips This is a collection of tips to help the English learner.
Contents: 6, updated: 6For Some, Home is Where the Classroom Is Home schoolers maintain thattheir kids have no problem learning, and test results, by and large,back them up. By Ted Landphair 16 January 2008
Contents: 1, updated: 1Good Question, Good Answer about Buddhism. Answers to questions thatpeople often ask about the Buddha’s Teachings, with Venerable S.Dhammika. First written in 1987 and now translated into over 14languages, Good Question Good Answer provides clear, thoughtful andlively answers to more than 130 commonly asked questions aboutBuddhism.
Contents: 6, updated: 3 Hanging In, Hanging Out,and Hanging On at the Drive-In The world’s first drive-in movie theateropened in Camden, New Jersey on on June 6, 1933. By Ted Landphair 02June 2008
Contents: 1, updated: 1 HEALTH REPORT EveryWednesday, Special English broadcasts a four-minute report aboutcurrent medical research and health-related issues.
Contents: 2, updated: 1How Much Water Should I Drink? I bet you’ve heard it said that you needto drink at least eight glasses of water a day in order to stayproperly hydrated. What would you say if I told you that all of thesewidely held truths are little more than urban legends?
Contents: 1, updated: 1Introducing the Dutch In these short texts I would like to introduceDutch culture. The texts are short and written in simple English.
Contents: 2, updated: 2Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons (No description)
Contents: 5, updated: 1Matt Damon Rips Sarah Palin Actor Matt Damon says the selection ofSarah Palin as the Republican nominee for vice president in the UnitedStates could end up "like a really bad Disney movie" if John McCainwins the November presidential election.
Contents: 1, updated: 1May Contain Traces of Dodo Posts from the blog atwww.tracesofdodo.blogspot.com. A tale of two English schoolboys, theirschool science project, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and theGhost of Albert Einstein. This blog was written in a house where dodosare handled and may therefore contain traces of dodo. Suitable forintermediate learners of English.
Contents: 11, updated: 11SPEECHES speeches
Contents: 9, updated: 8 Suicide HelpBeautiful text to prevent suicide
Contents: 1, updated: 1The Apology Learn how to say you’re sorry.
Contents: 1, updated: 1The Greatest Superlatives. Which sentences do you agree with? Whichones do you disagree with?
Contents: 1, updated: 1 TheHouse This is designed to show you how a short sentence builds up intoa long sentence. Just like building a house, a sentence must be builtin certain way.
Contents: 1, updated: 1 The Mall A strangestory about my trip to the mall. Read slowly for beginners.
Contents: 1, updated: 1The Outdoor Girls in Florida, by Laura Lee Hope The Outdoor Girls inFlorida is a story of adventure following a group of girls (Amy,Mollie, Betty, and Grace) on a journey to help their friend Will.Source: Laura Lee Hope, The Outdoor Girls in Florida (New York: Grosset& Dunlap, 1913)
Contents: 25, updated: 15 They CalledThem ‘Sodbusters’ About six kilometers from the tiny town of Comstock,Nebraska, population 60, stands a remarkable house, built in 1900. ByTed Landphair 28 April 2008
Contents: 1, updated: 1 This isyour brain on scones Some articles on England and the English,including some edited excerpts from Wikipedia on English andBritish-related topics. Read in a south-eastern (Estuary) Englishaccent.
Contents: 7, updated: 1 VOA (No description)
Contents: 1, updated: 1VOA VOA Special English
Contents: 34, updated: 17 VOA, InThe News Every Saturday, Special English broadcasts a five-minutereport about an issue, event or person in the news.
Contents: 2, updated: 1                                          


Boule de Suif http://www.guydemaupassant.fr/maupassant.htm
Contents: 1, updated: 1Christine et Serge parlent de leur travail et de leurs passionsChristine parle de son métier et de ses passions avec son frère Serge.
Contents: 1, updated: 1Clea cuisine Cléa, amatrice et passionnée de cuisine, créer sans cessepour son plus grand plaisir de nouvelles recettes qu’elle fait partagersur son blog www.cleacuisine.fr, d’où sont issus les textes de cettecollection.
Contents: 13, updated: 2 La France Texte fournipar The University of Hong Kong /Faculty of Arts(http://www.hku.hk/french)
Contents: 5, updated: 2 lamusique et les paroles la musique et les paroles
Contents: 3, updated: 3Le Pays de Fourrures Par Jules Verne. Audio from librivox.org and textfrom gutenberg.org
Contents: 3, updated: 3 Le Podcast HighTech L’essentiel de l’actualité high tech et des nouvelles tendances. Apodcast from Belgium featuring tech news and new trends.
Contents: 5, updated: 1l’histoire de France L’histoire que je vous propose ne ressemble àaucune autre, parce qu’elle est celle de la France où je suis né. Ellea pour but de vous faire rêver sur les hommes et les femmes qui ontconstruit la France. Ces histoires, ajoutées les unes aux autres, fontl’Histoire.
Contents: 10, updated: 2 Moi, moi-même etmoi… par Johanne Lambert – dédié à Herman Texte de réflexion portantsur l’indifférence, pouvant faire partie de la collection “Qu’enpensez-vous?“ par Johanne Lambert
Contents: 1, updated: 1Portraits du quotidien Des Français se présentent. Les courtesréflexions qu’ils offrent sur leur vie quotidienne, sur leur travail,sur leurs habitudes ouvrent sur la société française d’aujourd’hui. Cesportraits ne sont pas représentatifs, ils sont juste des exemples parmides millions de Français. (http://www.hku.hk/french/)
Contents: 3, updated: 2                                          


Alltagsleben Alle möglichen Situationen im Alltag werden hierbeschrieben. Sie sind gedacht für Menschen, die aus anderen Ländernkommen, damit sie sich besser zurecht finden. Different situations indaily life. Written for people from other countries for help.
Contents: 5, updated: 5Alltagssituationen für Beginner I und II (Daily situations for beginnerI and II) Hier möchte ich einfache und kurze Sätze und Fragen für dichsprechen, wie sie im täglichen Leben vorkommen. Here I will speak shortand easy sentences and questions for using in daily life.
Contents: 21, updated: 1Annetts Blog Hier schreibe ich über alltägliche Sachen, über meineErfahrungen beim Sprachenlernen und über das Leben in der Schweiz. Ichhoffe, Euch so beim Lernen der deutschen Sprache unterstützen.
Contents: 1, updated: 1Aussprache – Sprechübungen Hier findest du Beiträge, die dir ein wenighelfen können, auf bestimmte Dinge bei der Aussprache zu achten. Esgibt auch immer Beispielsätze.
Contents: 1, updated: 1Computer Club Zwei One of the most popular and successful podcasts inGermany. Join Wolfgang and Wolfgang as they discuss all things tech.Der Computerclub2 (CC2) ist einer der meistgehörten und erfolgreichstenPodcasts Deutschlands. Wöchentlich verfolgen bis zu 200.000 Hörer dieInternetsendung, die bereits sechs Monate nach der ersten Ausstrahlungmit dem Publikumspreis des Deutschen Podcast Award im Januar 2007ausgezeichnet wurde. Jeden Montag präsentieren die erfahrenenModeratoren Wolfgang Back und Wolfgang Rudolph im CC2 – Audio-Podcastaktuelle Themen aus der Computerbranche, die sie interessant, spannendund für jedermann verständlich erklären.
Contents: 13, updated: 4Das warme Polarland Im Zauberlande Die Neuesten Märchen für die liebeJugend von Ernst Constantin. Fantasiegeschiche
Contents: 15, updated: 15Der NABU-Podcast Seit November 2007 gibt es den NABU (NaturschutzbundDeutschland) auch zum Hören. Nicht nur Vogelstimmen, Musik undInterviews machen den Podcast zu einem wahren Vergnügen fürs Ohr. Obauf dem Weg zur Arbeit oder zwischendurch im Internet, "Kuckuck, liebeHörer" entführt Sie für einige Minuten in eine andere Welt.
Contents: 6, updated: 1Der Sonntagssoziologe Ein Podcast zur Soziologie. Sozialwissenschaftenzum Anhören: Kultur, Partnerschaft, Gesellschaft, erklärt in kleinenHäppchen für die Ohren. Von René Lehnert.
Contents: 1, updated: 1Dübels Geistesblitz Mini-Hörspiele (Comedy) von Marcus Dübel: DieWikipedia beschreibt einen Geistesblitz in etwa so: Unter einemGeistesblitz versteht man eine plötzliche Erkenntnis oder Idee odereine geistvolle Erleuchtung. Meist weiß die betroffene Person nicht,woher dieser Einfall gekommen ist, weil er nicht unbedingt einemvorherigen Gedankengang entspringt, sondern aus heiterem Himmel zukommen scheint. Besser könnte ich meinen Podcast selbst nichtbeschreiben.
Contents: 15, updated: 3 Erste Sätze – Firstsentences Hier gibt es einfache Sätze für dich in Deutsch und Englisch.Here are some easy sentences for you in German and English. Dieenglischen Sätze sind von einem Muttersprachler korrigiert. The englishsentences are corrected by a native speaker. Es werden nur diedeutschen Sätze gesprochen. Only the German sentences are spoken. DieseSammlung unterliegt dem copyright von Irene Kessler. DieNutzungserlaubnis besteht für ThLinguist und LingQ. This collection iscopyright by Irene Kessler. The permission for using is for TheLinguistand LingQ. Diese Sätze eignen sich auch sehr gut für Deutsche, dieEnglisch lernen möchten! Das habe ich beim Erstellen festgestellt, daich ja Englisch-Lernende bin! Es sind oft die kleinen Sätze undNuancen, die einem fehlen.
Contents: 20, updated: 3 FesteEs gibt viele Feste. Feste, die in Familien stattfinden aber auchFeste, die in Vereinen oder in Firmen stattfinden. Hier werden siebeschrieben und auch ein wenig erklärt wie sie ablaufen.
Contents: 6, updated: 2Natur Wissenswertes aus Flora und Fauna wird hier gesammelt.
Contents: 4, updated: 1Wanhoffs wunderbare Welt der Wissenschaft In "Wanhoffs Wunderbare Weltder Wissenschaft" gibt es aktuelle Wissenschafts-Nachrichtenpräsentiert vom Journalisten Thomas Wanhoff
Contents: 63, updated: 23                                          

Japanese (Beta)

from English LingQ translation in English available in English LingQLibrary.
Contents: 3, updated: 1 Hitomi’s Nihongo Course.This course is a very basic introduction of Japanese. If you areinterested in Japanese but don’t feel like to start from "Hi, How areyou. Fine, thank you" kind of stuff, even though your Japanese goes asfar as "sushi", "arigato" and "otaku", here is the solution. I speakJapanese and English at the audio to make your life easier. Don’t youworry, I hate studying too. I will be on your side! I’d love to hearyour *honest* feedbacks about this course. Please go to "Open Forum onLingQ" to leave your message(s). Thank you!
Contents: 4, updated: 2JapaneseLingQ Learn Japanese from the JapaneseLingQ podcast. Eachepisode can be studied using the learning tools available at LingQ.com.JapaneseLingQ配信のポッドキャストで日本語を勉強しましょう。LingQ.comにログオンすると、より効果的に学習することができます!
Contents: 30, updated: 1 Nice to Meet You (Available inother languages at LingQ) A review of some common greetings andintroductions used in everyday Japanese. Inspired by English contentson http://www.lingq.com/learn/en/store/20064/#14324
Contents: 12, updated: 8銀河鉄道の夜 by Kenji MIYAZAWA Night on the Galactic Railroad Le train denuit dans la Voie lactee Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtimehttp://eloise.cocolog-nifty.com/rodoku/ Author: Kenji MIYAZAWA(1896-1933) Reader: Kasumi KOBAYASHI
Contents: 2, updated: 2青空文庫 http://www.aozora.gr.jp/
Contents: 19, updated: 2                                          


Blog EscutaZé! Blog semanal do jornalista José Luiz Teixeira.http://escutaze.blog.com/
Contents: 2, updated: 1 FábulasClássicas de Esopo Fábulas Clássicas de Esopo. -A fábula é umanarrativa alegórica, em forma de prosa ou verso, cujos personagens sãogeralmente animais com características humanas, sustentam um diálogo,cujo desenlace reflete uma lição de moral, característica essencialdessa.-
Contents: 32, updated: 32 PortugueseLingQPortugueseLingQ Pocast presented by LingQ and Mairo Vergara.
Contents: 18, updated: 3Take Saravá great song sung by Silvia Torres. Unfortunately, I don’tquite get the idea what she’s singing about. Saravá is a goddess inUmbanda belief? And also, i found the lyrics in the web – but thespecial signs like ñ and ã and ç weren`t depicted like they should. Itried to grasp what they should be and add them in the text. uma cançãomaravilhosa de Silvia Torres. Desafortunadamente eu não entendo de quecoisa canta. Saravá e uma diosa en Umbanda ?
Contents: 1, updated: 1                                          


Аверченко Аркадий Аверченко
Contents: 2, updated: 2 Детство- Толстой Лев Николаевич Childhood by Leo Tolstoy. The audio is fromLibivox.org. The e-text is from www.lib.ru. There is some problem withuploading the audio for chapters 9, 10, 11, I am still trying to figureit out. Meanwhile I’ll carry on uploading the later chapters.
Contents: 22, updated: 10Книга от Иоанна- The book of John from the Bible книга от иоанна отБиблии – The book of John from the Bible – (Written by John the apostleabout the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. It is the Fourth Gospel in theNew Testament. (Note: A few of these words are old or obscure, youmight try looking at the duel translations, on the Wordproject website, if you cannot find a sensible translation for a word in anydictionary.) Text and audio from the http://www.wordproject.org/*********Image::http://www.lavistachurchofchrist.org public domain
Contents: 4, updated: 2Чехов Антон Павлович Чехов
Contents: 1, updated: 1                                          


Literatura moderna en español Lectura o dramatización de algunas de lasjoyas de la literatura moderna en español. Voz de Alejandro Sierra.
Contents: 1, updated: 1SpanishLingQ Learn Spanish from the SpanishLingQ podcast. Each episodecan be studied using the learning tools available at LingQ.com.
Contents: 42, updated: 4tutorías-berta textos de las tutorías de berta
Contents: 9, updated: 5                                                                     

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